Ryan Ignatz Teaches the Fundamentals of Bike Fit by Pro Triathlon Training

Ryan Ignatz Teaches the Fundamentals of Bike Fit


Who Is This Course For?

Looking for massive gains on the bike? It all starts with a bike fit. This course is for athletes looking to better understand how they interact with the bike and the benefits of a great bike fit. It’s for the athletes that want to further their understanding of the fit process and the technology that’s utilized. We offer detailed information on how athletes can make more sound equipment purchases to optimize their position, efficiency, aerodynamic savings and power output. Ultimately, we want to increase your comfort and efficiency with your fit and reduce your chance of injury to get you going faster with less effort.

This course is also ideal for coaches that want to better understand the in-depth value of a bike fit, how to interpret rider feedback and apply it to their athletes. 

Meet Your Instructor

  • Master Bike Fitter
  •  Masters Degree in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology from University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Taught Anatomy, Physiology, and Exercise Physiology at CU Boulder
  •  Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), Fit Institute Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T), BG Master Fitter, and Retul Fit Instructor
  • Multiple top 10 Xterra Worlds Finisher, Xterra AG World Champion, Top 5 finishes at Xterra National Championships, Top 15 Pro Road Nationals and 3rd at Pro Nationals Duathlon
  • Philosophy -  Being an expert means never knowing everything and continuing to learn and adapt while teaching others the “why”

Course Content

  • Learn what physical training you could be doing to constantly be evolving your bike fit.
  • Learn the performance benefits of a bike fit. How the proper fit, fit maintenance, and equipment choices can make you a faster, powerful, more efficient cyclist that is injured less. 
  • Learn how a proper bike fit can make you a faster runner and how a poor bike fit can actually hold you back from your true off the bike run potential.
  • Learn how and why your bike fit should be driving your bike equipment selection. 
  • Learn how to travel with your bike to maintain your fit integrity.
  • How to fit "superbikes" and the challenges they may pose to fitters and athletes.

  • Learn the evolution of bike fit. Where it all started and how we got to where we are today. 
  • Learn why as a cyclist or triathlete you need to get a bike fit. 
  • Learn the most common fit issues that bike fitters see on a regular basis. Understand why these issues occur and how to address them.
  • Learn why you need different fits for different styles of riding (Road/TT/Gravel/MTB)
  • Learn what fit measurements can translate from one bike to another
  • Learn about bike fit technology. Why technology is used in the fit process and if technology trumps education and experience. 
  • Learn what you need to consider prior to buying new bike in a shop and also how to buy a bike confidently online. 

What Triathletes Are Saying About This Course

The information in this course is invaluable. It has helped me not only understand what bike fit I should get but also how frequently I should be getting fits and how to maintain my fit and make small changes of my own.
Jerry H.
Would recommend this course to every cyclist. This is a must watch. Truly get a deep understanding bike fit, what you can do to improve your fit over time, and what equipment choices will help optimize your fit. A bike fit and fit consistency is part one of the success on the bike.
Kelsey F.
The information provided in this course is powerful. It is rare that you get to take a deep dive into what the value of bike fit is and what the pros do to optimize their fit.
Cameron D.