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A Company With a Mission

We donate a percentage of our profits to support Charites and Professional Triathletes pursue their passion for the sport

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What Triathletes are Saying About Us

I was getting so sick of endlessly searching YouTube for information on triathlon. Pro Triathlon Training provides the most detailed and actionable information in one place. 
Cameron H.
I was getting so sick of endurance media pay to play mentality and short form click bait articles. This is truly the most comprehensive platform to learn, progress and better understand the sport of triathlon. 
Kelsey R.
So cool to get unbiased, uninfluenced information from the pros. It is an in depth honest look at what amateurs' can do to drastically improve their training, preparation, and performance. 
Conner G.

How to Swim with Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay

Access all 20 videos and 6 audio files created by Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay.
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Strength Training with Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O'Donnell, and Erin Carson

Access 13 videos, 6 audio files brought to you by Elite strength and conditioning coach....Choice of Rinny and T.O.!

Cam Wurf Teaches Triathlon Cycling

Access 18 videos and six audio files all from the Ironman World Championship course record holder, Cameron Wurf.
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Sarah & Ben True Teach Triathlon Running

Access 16 videos, 6 audio files, and numerous helpful triathlon running documents.

Ben Kanute Teaches Triathlon

Over the course of 16 instructional videos and 6 audio files, Ben Kanute and his coach Jim Vance, discuss triathlon, mental strategies to build confidence, getting through tough patches in training, racing, and throughout the season.
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Josiah Middaugh Teaches How to Become a Beast on the Bike

Pro Triathlete and Coach, Josiah Middaugh, offers triathletes and cyclists a guide for big performance gains. If you are looking to give your cycling training a complete overhaul this is the course for you. Josiah walks you through what it takes to achieve that next PR no matter the distance.

Master Fitter Ryan Ignatz Teaches the Fundamentals of Bike Fitting

Coming Soon! 

Justin Metzler Teaches Training & Racing in Hot Environments

Coming Soon!

Sports Nutritionist and Professional Runner Maddie Alm Teaches Sports Nutrition

Coming Soon!
Maddie trains and works as a dietitian with Team Boss, the professional running group founded by Emma Coburn in Boulder, Colorado.