Josiah Middaugh Teaches You How to Become a Beast on the Bike by Pro Triathlon Training

Josiah Middaugh Teaches You How to Become a Beast on the Bike

Who Is This Course For?

Pro Triathlete and Coach, Josiah Middaugh, offers triathletes and cyclists a guide for big performance gains. If you are looking to give your cycling training a complete overhaul this is the course for you. Josiah walks you through what it takes to achieve that next PR no matter the distance.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Degrees in Exercise Science
  • 2016 Pan American Champion
  • 2016 Pan American Series Leader
  • 2015 XTERRA World Champion
  • 11-Time XTERRA USA National Champion
  • XTERRA USA Pro Point Series Champion 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 6-Time USSSA National Snowshoe Champion
  • 10-Time Go Pro Mountain Games, Ultimate Mountain Challenge
  • 8-Time North American Snowshoe Champion

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Course Content

  • Understand the importance of cycling in triathlon at every distance and format.
  • Efficiency in cycling. What is it, why is it important, misconceptions and how you can improve it.
  • Key drills, and exercises to make you stronger and more efficient.
  • Understanding training with power and heart rate (HR). 
  • How rapidly scale improvement by training with HR/Power
  • Pros and Cons of training with HR and or power.
  • Understanding training zones for training with both HR and power.

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  • When and how to effectively utilize those training zones to increase fitness and performance  
  • Examination of key training session: Recovery, long rides, tempo, steady state, threshold, climbing, VO2max.. etc and how to implement them into your training. 
  • Examples of key training sessions for you to integrate into your training regime. 
  • Understanding how to implement other cycling styles (road/gravel/mountain) into your training effectively to enjoy the sports you love while also maintaining training stimulus. 

What's included?

Intro to Your Instructor and to the Course
Course Intro.mp4
3 mins
Why is Cycling so Important in Triathlon
Why is Cycling so Important in Triathlon.mp4
7 mins
Cycling Efficiency
Defining Efficiency, Tackling Misconceptions Surrounding Efficiency and How it Impacts Performance.mp4
7 mins
High Cadence VS. Low Cadence. How to Determine Your Ideal Self-Selected Cadence. Consequences for Pedaling at a Cadence That is to High or to Low..mp4
8 mins
Incorporating High Cadence and Low Cadence Workouts Into your Training Plan Part 1 When, Why How and the Benefits.mp4
6 mins
Incorporating High Cadence and Low Cadence Workouts Into your Training Plan Part 2 When, Why How and the Benefits.mp4
5 mins
How Training Different Cadences Translates to Different Types of Riding (Road.MTB.TT.Gravel).mp4
6 mins
Intro to Training Zones
Understanding the Importance of Utilizing Training Zones Within your Training Plan and the limitations of Power and Heart Rate.mp4
5 mins
Training Zone Terminology of a Five Zone Methodology (PwrHR) Zones 1-5 (Recovery.Endurance.Tempo.Threshold.VO2max)..mp4
9 mins
How to Set Your Heart Rate and Power Training Zones. The Best Field Tests to do and How to Execute These Tests Properly to Get the BestMost Accurate Results.mp4
8 mins
A Detailed Explanation of Zones 2-4 (Endurance.Tempo.Threshold). An Examination When to Use or Not Use These Sessions in Your Training to Get the Most Out of Them..mp4
7 mins
How to Properly Execute Workouts in Zones 1-4 (Recovery.Endurance.Tempo.Threshold) and build them into your training plan. Specific Workouts You Can Use in Your Training.mp4
10 mins
A Detailed Explanation of Zone 5 (VO2 max). When to UseNot VO2 max Intervals in Your Training to Get the Most Out of Them..mp4
5 mins
Periodization (Traditional & Block) and How to Build an Effective Training Plan Utilizing The Training Zones..mp4
7 mins
Intro to Training with Heart Rate & Power
Training with Heart rate. The Limitations of Training with Heart Rate and When is it Best to Use Just Heart Rate..mp4
6 mins
How to Execute Workouts if Your Only Metric is Heart Rate. How to Recognize Improvements in Fitness Using Heart Rate. Age Predicted Heart Rate Zone and Should You be Using Them.mp4
7 mins
Understanding Heart Rate Sensors. Which is More Accurate and Reliable the Chest Strap or Optical Wrist Based Monitor. How to Get the Best Results No Matter What Sensor You Use.mp4
4 mins
Cycling with Power What is Power and Why is it Important. The Most Beneficial Ways to Utilize Power..mp4
5 mins
Power and Pacing in Training and Racing. How Racing with Power Can Sometimes Get You in Trouble. Misconceptions of FTP. How Power Zones Change and Frequently Should You Be Monitoring Those Zones Utilizing HR and Power toge.mp4
8 mins
Understanding Cycling Training Sessions
How Cycling Sessions Differ from Swim or Run Sessions and How to Orgainze your Training More Effectively.mp4
5 mins
Understanding the Value of Indoor Training.mp4
5 mins
Strength Training for Cycling
Strength Trianing for Cycling Part 1.mp4
7 mins
Strength Trianing for Cycling Part 2.mp4
7 mins
Implementing Different Cycling Styles into your Training
Implementing Different Cycling Styles into your Training.mp4
7 mins
Course Wrap Up
Course Wrap up.mp4
2 mins

What Triathletes Are Saying

The Pro Triathlon Training courses have been extremely helpful in my development in the sport. Its great having such quality information in one location for a reasonable price.  
Mark K.
I have gotten sick of endlessly searching YouTube for quality information and not being able to find it. Pro Triathlon Training simplifies the whole process and goes into great detail about a number of topics. This is a must have.
Jason R
These courses are AMAZING! Qualified specialist in the sport teaching in detail about topics that really matter. I definitely recommend 
Rachel H.
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