Lucy Charles & Reece Barclay Teach Triathlon Swimming. by Pro Triathlon Training

Lucy Charles & Reece Barclay Teach Triathlon Swimming.

Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay will teach you how Lucy and Reece became two of the fastest swimmers in triathlon and how Lucy broke the Ironman Kona swim course record!


Over the course of 18 instructional videos Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay talk about the three keys to successful triathlon swimming, and how to prepare for any triathlon race.



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"I appreciate your emphasis on consistency and am swimming at least 6 days weekly now."

Frank J.
"Lucy and Reece do a great job of explaining what is important to focus on for triathlon swimming."

Kirk I.
"Learned so much from watching and listening to Lucy and Reese than all the books and videos I've seen and read. Hugely valuable."
Owen L.

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos


The Basics of Triathlon Swimming Technique
Three Most Critical Elements to Tri Swimming
7 mins
Swim Catch to Propel You Through the Water
7 mins
Body Alignment to Swim Perfectly Straight
8 mins
How to Stop Your Legs From Sinking
8 mins
How to Breathe During Triathlon Swimming
7 mins
Proper Body Rotation When Swimming
5 mins
Pool Swim Stroke vs Open Water Swim Stroke
8 mins
Getting Ready for Your Race
Pacing the Swim in a Race
7 mins
How to Improve Your Stroke Rate
5 mins
Designing a Race Pacing Swim Workout
6 mins
Pool Workouts to Prepare You for Race Day
7 mins
Pre-Race Routine
6 mins
Designing a Swim Workout and a Season
7 mins
Must-Have Swim Equipment
Tri Wetsuits and Swimskins
6 mins
Essential Items for Your Swim Equipment Bag
7 mins
Strength Training for Swimming
How to Warm Up With Strength Training Before Swimming
5 mins
Core Exercises for Swimming
5 mins
Thank you!
Mindset to Move Forward and Improve Your Swimming
5 mins